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Certified Translations

Multiglossa offers Certified Translations in over 50 languages in Cyprus. Translations may be certified through the following governmental establishments:

  • District Courts (Sworn Translation)

  • PIO (upon availability)

  • Ministry of Justice (Apostile)

  • Certifying Officers (Notary)

  • Embassies and Consulates

Legal Translations

Whether a Legal Opinion, a Court Order, a Power of Attorney or a Resolution, Multiglossa offers professional translations of any legal document.

Our experts can undertake any complexity within shortest deadlines, ensuring high quality and devotion.

Corporate Translations

Corporate Translations include:

  • Translations of M&As

  • Translations of Corporate Certificates

  • Translations of Minutes

  • Translations of Resolutions

  • Financial Statements and more

Translations are certified upon customer's request.

Forex Translations

Trading is historic tendency! 

Forex translations are a delegate aspect undertaken exclusively by experienced gourmets of linguistic industry.

Whether translating your website or KYC documents, it is your obligation to select a professional who will ensure a tailor made outcome.

Medical Translations

Medicine is a tough one!

It is our obligation to make sure your medical documents are translated with upmost accuracy and attention. 

Reports, conclusions, prescriptions and much more.

Personal Translations

Passports, IDs, Driving Licenses, Diplomas and anything else that lays within the concept of Personal Translations.

Translations can be certified through official authorities for any purpose such as:

  • Migration

  • University

  • Marriage, etc.


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