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Multiglossa offers a vast option of certification of documents and translations in over 75 languages.
District Court

Certification through District Court is also referred to Sworn Translations or Affidavit. It is a process of one taking oath on accuracy and truthfulness of the translation. Affidavits are used for submission of documents to governmental establishments, such as Registrar of Companies, Tax Authorities, Migration Department, etc. 

Affidavits are also done for obtaining Apostille of translations and further arrangements. 

Sworn Translation

Certified Translations by Sworn Translators

Multiglossa is composed of a team of Sworn Translators registered per Law 45 (Ι)/2019 for inquiries related to translations done and certified by the above for purposes required by the law. Our team works closely to meet your requirements in terms of speed, quality and price.


Apostille aims to legalize documents and verify the their authenticity. It's main purpose is to validate your document internationally, among members of the Hague Convention signed in 1961.

In Cyprus Apostilles are sealed by the Ministry of Justice and Public Order.

We offer Apostille of documents and translations in over 75 languages.


Notarial certification is done through Certifying Officers. This is done to verify the signature of the translator or the signatory appearing on the document. It is recognizable both abroad and in Cyprus vastly depending on the receiving institute. 

Certain countries require Notary certified translations.

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