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Certified Translations in Cyprus

Anyone dealing with immigration, official applications, foreign and international affairs has at some point touched ground with Certification and Legalization of Documents and Translations.

Certified Translations in Cyprus are limited to the following options:

Certification of Translations through the PIO:

As of 1 July 2019 the current system of translation of documents provided by the Press and Information Office is terminated, according to Law 45 (Ι)/2019, which provides for the registration and regulation of the services of the Sworn Translators in Cyprus. Therefore, all individuals or public bodies interested in officially certified translations, must refer directly to the certified translators who are registered in the Register of Sworn Translators of the Council of Sworn Translators according to the relevant Law.

According to this Law, ‘certified translation’ means a written version of a written text or document from a foreign language into Greek or into Turkish and vice versa, as well as from the Greek language to the Turkish language and vice versa, bearing the official seal of the Republic, which is duly marked.

Sworn translators translate documents intended for official use inside or outside the Republic, such as educational documents, marriage certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, criminal records certificates, passports, identity cards, bank accounts, deeds of ownership, company documents, medical reports, legal documents.

Languages offered: English, Arabic, Armenian, Bulgarian, French, German, Georgian, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Persian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Turkish, Czech, Croatian, Bosnian, language of North Macedonia, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian and Chinese into Greek and vice versa.

We can undertake your inquiry to obtain such official certification through the PIO with fast-track service.

Sworn Translation through the Court:

Sworn Translation, or as we call it "Affidavit" is an alternative term for an oath through the Court - in our case for sworn translations.

Affidavits of translations are generally accepted by most local and international organizations since such translations are certified as a sworn translation through the District Court of Nicosia, Cyprus.

Such translations can also be certified by Apostle for legal validity in foreign countries. We can also further certify such translations through Foreign Embassies and Consulates in Cyprus.

We can certify all our translations through the District Court.

Notarial Translations:

A Notary in Cyprus is generally referred to as a Certifying Officer. A local person appointed by the Minister of Interior of the Republic of Cyprus, under the Certifying Officers Law, 165 (I) 2012, to certify signatures and seals on appearing on Documents. In our case, a Certifying Officer certifies the signature of our Translator , Director, as well as the seal of the Company.

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